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About us

Pearl is founded by Luuk van der Rijt, a Dutch Food Innovation graduate. After doing projects for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Harrods in London he created Pearl as a graduation project. Pearl is a new and innovative cocktail concept which creates a new way to serve a cocktail. Pearl’s cocktail pearls are founded out of Luuk’s passion for cocktails. With the cocktail pearls you can make a special drink really quick and easy. Convenience and experience are the most important focus points from Pearl. Glitters are added to the pearls to create a flavour and glitter explosion when you ‘pop’ the pearl in the glass. It is a perfect solution for restaurant and bars as well as for at home. It is a nice way to start your dinner party or to serve something special when there are friends coming over for drinks. Currently Pearl is still looking for a producing partner before it’s all ready to launch.

Luuk van der Rijt

OUR Flavours

By creating a collection of cocktail pearls with well known flavours as well as changing innovative flavours there will be a perfect cocktail solution for everyone. How it works? Just mix a cocktail pearl with your favourite (alcoholic) drink and ‘pop’ the pearl for a flavourful and colourful glitter explosion!

Refreshing Lime and Mint flavour

Refreshing Lime and Mint

Refreshing Lime and Mint

This flavour is a real refreshment. With the sourness of the lime, the freshness of the mint and some sweetness from the cane sugar, it creates a flavourful sweet and sour cocktail. Mix this Pearl with rum and sparkling water for a nice alcoholic cocktail or mix the Pearl with just sparkling water or tonic for a fresh mocktail.

Passionate Passionfruit flavour

Passionate Passionfruit

Passionate Passionfruit

This cocktail pearl will create a golden explosion in your glass. With the rich passionfruit flavour it will give your drink a sweet twist with a sour afterbite. This cocktail pearl will go great with a glass of prosecco, cava or champagne. Not in the mood for alcohol? Mix it with some sparkling water or tonic to create a nice virgin cocktail.

Romantic Raspberry Rose flavour

Romantic Raspberry Rose

Romantic Raspberry Rose

The Romantic Raspberry Rose pearl is a real flirt. With the fruity raspberry and the aromatic rose flavour your drink will turn into a romantic & sparkly cocktail. It mixes perfect with a gin and tonic or a wodka lemonade, but also with just sparkling water or tonic. Either way, it will create a fabulous refreshment.

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